About Goshido

We are based in Groningen but Goshido finds its roots in Munich. It is a unique martial art which was created by Andreas Leffler of Evolve Warrior Science. Goshido contains elements of a number of different martial arts, among others Ninjitsu, Kungfu, Muay Thai and Tae kwon do. Besides unarmed techniques, the system also covers armed techniques with escrima, jo, bo and knife. Andreas Leffler trained in many different martial arts, but he didn't want to teach one specific style. He wanted to teach everything he learned to his students, and so Goshido was born. Goshido means, loosely translated, the five ways to a pure spirit.

Attack techniques

You start with basic punches and kicks, after which you learn to combine them into more complex attack combinations.


In this system we use different ways of sparring like partner handling, semi- and full contact sparring and groundfighting/

grappling on the ground.


You learn to wield escrima, jo, knife and bo.


You learn roll- and falling techniques and acrobatic kicks.


A kata is an art form where coordination, balance and flexibility are developed. Here you train both individual kata's as well as two-man kata's.